Biophilic Design in Light of Art, Neuroscience, and Technology

Featured Installation - Kingwood Medical Center

Kingwood Medical Center celebrates the grand opening of its new Women and Children's Center.

Written by: David Navarrete

On April 29, 2014, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) affiliate Kingwood Medical Center celebrated the grand opening of the South Tower and the three-story Women and Children’s Center.

This $80 million, 155,400 square-foot expansion, included 4 custom 18-foot Luminous SkyCeiling circles on the first floor. These biophilic illusions of nature were incorporated into the architectural design to create a palpable feeling of openness in the enclosed hallways that connect 8 high-risk antepartum suites, 12 spacious labor and delivery suites, and a 24-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, among other specialty rooms.

The color temperature of the daylight-quality artificial light uses to illuminate the high-resolution digital photography (high CRI 6500K) and the patented elevators that recess the SkyTiles away from the rest of the ceiling create a palpable illusion of overhead skies while altering our perception of depth in enclosed interiors.

This is  custom Luminous SkyCeiling design is a useful case study illustrating how this creative adaptation of healthcare lighting using illusory skies can deliver positive clinical and therapeutic outcomes.

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